About Liz

My name is Elizabeth Hardy, and I am the Founder and CEO of Unforced Rhythms. In 2012 the idea came to me to create a body cream made of natural ingredients, lightly scented with essential oils that was safe for sensitive skin.  

Out of my personal desire to pamper my skin with the very best products, Unforced Rhythms came into existence. I have always spent time caring for my own skin, but many of the products on the market were overly harsh and irritating.  

Unforced Rhythms was created with the woman in mind who understands the importance of investing time in how she looks and feels.

The Unforced Rhythms woman enjoys a light fragrance that is not overpowering, but natural. She desires a product that keeps her skin moisturized in the colder seasons and gives her skin a glow in warmer months.

I have worked to create body care products that will give my customers an experience of luxury and quality. Our line currently includes a body butter, three rich body creams and two scrubs that reveal gorgeous, smooth skin. 

Our products can be used to layer with other fragrances, or worn alone. They are gentle products that will give you the beautiful, soft and supple skin you desire.

My hope is that you enjoy these products as much as I have enjoyed creating and using them.